Power of Miracles, Message From Jesus

Communicating with Jesus and God is like having a three-way conversation that has to be the most amazing conversation I have ever experienced.  As I was typing out my awakening experience, I heard the message of God and then Jesus entered into the conversation.  The love I experienced cannot be described in the language of Earth, it is an absolute state of unconditional love,and beyond the capability of any being whilst incarnated, to envision or experience this incredible level of love in its fullest capacity.

We can’t explain when we hear the voice of God saying “you are the most powerful Goddess in the world”, as it is assumed that the internal world of mind/consciousness must somehow emerge from the world of matter of the brain.  What is the correlation between brain wave frequency and levels of consciousness?  When one examines the results, a clear correlation exists between frequency of the brain wave, the person’s consciousness level and their life situation.

 The first message from God was profound as I examined the visual surroundings of being back in the cave of Jesus, and what occurred was that this was a conversation that took place in another time and place that I searched for throughout my life.  The light in the cave was a golden light, and in the next moment Jesus spoke with me indicating that it was not his intention of what we are presently experiencing in our world and asked me to deliver this miracle to humanity of how we can shift our consciousness through the miracles that are available to us.  The power of miracles is that Jesus teaches friendship as the highest love and connecting to the flow of the universe is our birthright.  

In the next moment, I was standing next to Jesus and he was alive, as I was in another time dimension that was synchronous to what I experienced when I channeled the art of Jesus into the physical dimension.

“Jesus said that it was not his intention that we disbelieve he exists and what our world has not understood of taking back our power through his divine love for our knowing oneness with him.”

Jesus said~  “With the power of Miracles, to know that of our original power, we’ll move into an era in which all of Earth’s inhabitants will regard themselves as one people, worshiping the same God who created this world and all others, and evolving towards a future that is unimaginably more fulfilling than the one we are experiencing now.”

Through my visions of my past life with Jesus, this was the key of moving beyond my perceptions and beliefs of our world to and that the real Jesus exists on the outer planes and yes, we can go there.  

I then wanted to know why I was chosen to deliver this message and my life flashed before me, from my childhood to now. I was shown that I was born with the wisdom of the Etheric Art and that of sharing the intimacy with Jesus in my past life time as our divine connection to the purest essence of our soul consciousness.

I knew in my heart the truth of what God shared with me, as he wanted me to know that I have mastered my gifts in this time dimension and that God so loved the world and the explosion of love for America was the miracle of being reincarnated  to deliver this powerful message.  

When God is in your soul,  all that is revealed is what is not of God.  “Many people live their lives in this way, sharing homes, jobs, and even families with others, but not connecting to the abundance of hearing the messages of Jesus.   

I learned that Jesus exists outside of time, he is a divine being and even though we are confined to the third dimension of earth in this linear time construction, where one moment follows another, and you are born, you age and you die, in these angelic realms, and the divine realms, the kingdom of heaven and so on.  When I visit these powerful energies to co-create with my soul, I am outside of time and that is why I use my etheric body, to astral travel with my body.  I have found the greatest joy in my soul when I can bring these beautiful energies through my art and know that I experienced them in another time dimension that is circular and not linear as we believe.  

We are in the middle of the awakening on our planet, yet there are others who are blinded by the idea of our awakening and it is the job of the Visionary Artist to channel the divine inspiration into works of art and the gasalt of language is how we realize our oneness.

It is through Intuitive Art that empowers language as man lives for that very moment of being awakened by the Goddess, the power to manifest the oneness with God.

(This image of Jesus appeared in my art ~ that led me to fulfilling my soul path mission in this lifetime. Subtext is content underneath the spoken dialog that is apparent with a closer look shown in this image.)

When viewing Esoteric Art, there is a catalyst that lives within the art that assists the perceiver in their personal awakening.

This dimension is known as the Dark Ages, as I found myself isolated for many years without all the luxuries of relationships, intimacy of friendship, financial means to support myself, and so on, until I realized that there was a bleed-through  as activating the consciousness of the divine and listening intuitively to the wisdom of Jesus.

It is difficult to put in context the language of transformation  when viewing my art, as we first deny that great changes are upon them and they are fundamentally altered, and they don’t know why. They begin to have guilt say, or not being that kind to someone hence, responsibility, the reality of being responsible, where before, they thought before they had no responsibility it is a basic responsibility for the creation of their existence.

Some can’t believe that viewing through the light of another dimension, for the context of awakening others to your type awakening to the Divine ~ with a capital D~ This is my connection to the divine archetypes, as I am closely associated with the divine archetype of that of Archangel Michael and Master Jesus.

These are powerful non-physical energy bodies that create Worlds in what you might call dream states, as I visit these worlds. They are created out of Love and when you experience an existence in these other worlds, you are pure Love and you have an etheric body that you inhabit and you have access to all of human kind and by thinking about it, as I go there, in particularly I enjoy the distant past of the earth rays as I go there and so I enjoy other planetary bodies.

These ancient stories ~ that Jesus story from which Christianity grew is unfolding as we speak on other planets, other time frames future dimensions, they exist in physicality.  You can only visit them in the dream states, by this I mean that is the original teachings of the founders of your world religions are available to be counseled by them in these other dimensional dream states.  

My favorite is the teachings by Jesus and I am not talking of a visualization here, I am talking of a literal conversation. This is my connection to the divine beings, and discovering my soul  purpose is power of activating my highest calling to assist others through this process.

These tools are not taught in school and they aren’t recognized by our institutions, and you don’t hear about them in the news.  

It was after my conversation with Jesus that I realized he was alive,  just as his  consciousness activated every cell in my body,  it was my etheric body as it is my  non-physical counter part down to each cell, so that It feels as though that they are speaking into your consciousness, they are speaking through their consciousness. If you’re thinking about in the waking state in the physical dimension, it comes out of your cells, it uses your physical body construct, as speaker you might say.  You might say that I am a frequent flyer, as I am chosen with my dedication and devotion and have set up a circumstance, you might say, a default position to explore these realities “other worlds” in my dream time.

Whenever I am in revery, whenever I’m feeling good, whenever I am happy, my soul self is abiding in these extra dimensional areas ~ other dimensional times.  It is very familiar to me, as remembering the blue rays of silvery blue dimension of divine reflection, for example.  

I have an over-soul who is a female over-soul called Liana and another one call Thera. This is just something that I go by and enjoy the matriarchal energy, this energy has many children which is my art.  

I have been a visionary artist for over 20 years and live in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

With my Loving presence, blessings of Aloha love, peace and joy to all.

Mericiana Howard
46-058 Aliikake Place
Unit 2112
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
Phone:  (808) 234-1314
Email:  Merici33@gmail.com
All donations to my paypal account would be so graciously accepted.  
With loving joy and compassion,
Mericiana, Visionary Artist


About Mericiana, Visionary Healing Artist

I am deeply devoted to building strong communities that reawaken and integrate the divine feminine into daily life. Mericiana makes her celebration of the feminine accessible ~ to both women and men alike ~ through groups, workshops, special events and woman's retreats. The powerful combination of awakening the creative genius within is through Holographic healing and creative writing and is an instrument to connect us to the divine and for achieving enhanced body-spirit healing of uncoditional love; the vibration of source. Growing Up in Kansas, being a child of Vogle Germans, gave me the experiences of being one with nature and being embraced by a community of loving people. I was born in the year of 1939 with four sisters and was raised by a larger social group of relatives and friends which taught me the values of religion and being valued in our group setting. I was faced with family issues of proverty, education, and communication issues that challenged me as I grew stronger in understanding how to release these issues which can take a lifetime.

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